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St petersburg call girls

When you think about traveling in Russia, Saint-Petersburg city, dont forget about beautiful Russian girls. The city itself is popular because of wonderful white nights and one of the biggest museums in the world Hermitage, but many russian girls over there provide different sexual services to spend your time after business and cultural tours.

I leave near Russia and travel a lot in to St Petersburg because of my job. As all the men travelers Ive searched many times for good escorts and even simple call girls. And I must say, there are many of them in over the city. The usual problem is that most of them advertise with stolen pictures of erotic models but deliver much lower quality girls. You can face same situation in any country.

If you just want a call girl in your hotel, then prepare for high prices. st petersburg call girls are very expensive. Same situation with strip clubs. Taken a girl from such club will cost you around 400$.

Another choice is to visit a place with prostitutes. The price in such places is fixed and will be around 100$ per hour, but you better dont do this, because girls in such places will be bad and service level ahh, forget about level, there will be no service at all.

Finally I figured out that the most fear price and most beautiful girls in St Petersburg are in erotic massage services. There are many reasons for this. First of all prostitution is prohibited in Russia and it is much easier for a good looking and gentle girl to say that she provides erotic massage with happy ending, but she is not a call girl. The second reason girls simply ashamed being a prostitute. That is why in erotic massage parlours work good looking and young student girls. They feel saver and they call themselves massuses.

Ive started to visit such places and I must say they provide really good service with a lot of extras to the basic erotic massage beyond the happy ending. I also found a good place where booking is possible online or by SMS. Its always problem to talk in English by phone with Russian woman. The place Ive stopped and which I visit 2-3 times each time Im in St Petersburg is XM spa salon. If you will be in Petersburg, say hello to Inna, beautiful girl who is running it and who found all those young and sexy girls. More information can be found