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Russian Nature

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Russian Zapovedniks and National Parks

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National Park "Losiny Ostrov"

Addres: 107113 Moscow, Poperechny prosek st., l A

National Park Losiny Ostrov, in the Moscow Region and city of Moscow, was established in 1983. Its area is 11 thousand ha, including 3 thousand ha within the administrative boundaries of the city. The Park is situated north-east of Moscow, in the center of Eastern-European Plainvalley, the highest elevation being 192-234 m above the sea level.

The relief is moraine and water-glacier. Coniferous-broad-leaved forests of spruce and linden with an admixture of oak or maple are common; on sands and loamy sands, pine forests are to be found.

The flora comprises over 500 vascular plant species, at the Yauza swamps there are numerous orchids. The upper Yauza wetland complex is of greatest value; its area is about 500 ha, with channels, shallows, thickets of reed and cat's tail, an oligotrophic moor.

It is the breeding ground and a stopover site of waterfowl on the flyway, including the rednecked grebe, great crested grebe, bittern and little bittern, common heron, various ducks. The avian fauna comprises 186 species (including 125 nesting).

The following rare birds have their nesting grounds in the Park: the red-footed falcon, hobby falcon, goshawk, kestrel, common buzzard; honey buzzard; kite. On meadows the quail is to be found, in spruce forests and along the streams, the hazel grouse occurs.

The mammalian dwellers (45 species) are: the moose, wild boar, red fox, foumart (Mustela putorius), ermine, least weasel, blue hare and European hare; along the wetlands muskrat and beaver, which was reacclimatized, are to be found.

The fish species are: the pickerel, darter, roach, crucian carp, burbot.

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