Physical Geography
  Tectonics and Geology
  Climatic Change
  Climate at Present and in the Past
  Rivers, Lakes, Seas and Wetlands

Biomes & Regions
  Arctic Environments
  Boreal Forests
  Mixed and Deciduous Forests
  Steppe and Forest-steppe
  Arid Environments
  The Mountains of Northern Russia
  The Mountains of Southern Siberia
  The Caucasus
  The Mountains of Central Asia
  Lake Baikal
  The Far East

Environmental Problems
  Radioactive Contamination
  Oil and Gas Development
  Air Pollution
  The Aral Sea Problems
  Deforestation and Degradation of Forests
  Nature Protection and Conservation

Images of Russian Nature
  Geographic Index
  Systematic Index
  Alphabetical Index

Nature Reserves and
National Parks:

  Northern Russia   Central Russia   Povolzhye (Volga river basin)   Southern Russia   Ural Mountains   Western Siberia   Eastern Siberia   Far East

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Russian Nature

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Russian Zapovedniks and National Parks

<<< National Park "Vodlozersky" | Index and Map | National Park "Kurshskaya Kosa" >>>

National Park "Kenozersky"

Address: 163061 Arkhangelsk, Vyucheyskogo st.,18

National Park Kenozersky is situated in the Plesetsky and Kargopolsky Districts of the Arkhangelskaya Region. The Park was founded in 1991, its area is 139,2 thousand ha, including 20,6 thousand ha of lakes and waterways. It comprises the basins of lakes Kenozero, Lekshm-ozero and other smaller lakes and lake-river systems (Naglim-ozero, Monastyrskoye, Svyatozero, Pedozero, Muiozero, etc.).

Characteristic middle-taiga coniferous (mostly spruce) forests are present on rough river-glacier valleys, and pine forests on lake-glacier sandy valleys. There are a lot of high bogs, and in inundation zones rich tall grass meadows. Spruce forests are distinguished with the most floral diversity. Of rare plants there grow yellow lady's slipper, Lobelia dortmanna, Dactylorhiza traunsteineri, and Isoetes setacea.

Elk, brown bear, wolf, beaver, wood grouse are common. Nesting places of the fish hawk and crane are noted; the lakes are stops for migrating BewickТs swans.

Monuments of history and culture are numerous: civil and religious architecture, and the hydrological machines of the past. Of special importance is the presence of historical landscapes, of lake shores with their modern and traditional land-use.

<<< National Park "Vodlozersky" | Index and Map | National Park "Kurshskaya Kosa" >>>



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